Monday, 20 May 2013

Paws For Thought...

Finally feeling a bit better, whether this is a cold or an allergic reaction to our animals (praying it's just a cold!) it seems to be easing day by day - hurrah! Still feeling a bit low in myself though and I think I've finally pin pointed why...I've been in education since Primary school going straight from Secondary and on into University so I've always had goals to work towards, homework, deadlines for coursework, research and projects to complete. I enjoyed the first two years of Uni, they presented a new challenge of working much more independently and I loved it! Then I hit the brick wall that is the third year and I struggled - big time. It was no longer fun but a battle to sit down and actually get on with the work, I wanted to avoid it at all costs but somehow I got through and finished up with an Upper Second Class Honors in History - woo!
Now I'm on the other side though I've found myself without a goal, no compass and feel very much like a little boat bobbing along without direction on waters which seem to grow ever more choppy >.< My problem? I have no idea what I want to do next, for some people this isn't a problem, they will continue to bob along happily and find their harbour or niche in the work place. I however like to have a sense of direction and purpose, it's my safety net and without it I feel as if I'm sailing head first into a storm and there is no way around it. I am lucky that I do have work, I have a roof over my head, my family, a loving boyfriend and my hobbies, but I want to be able to get on with my life with a "real" job or even career, my own home...patience is a virtue and unfortunately it is not one I possess!

Rant over *sigh* I must actually make a decision and take a leap of faith as I have said before...I need to learn to take my own advice hehe

On to brighter things, I'm going to take the leap back into my writing which has been neglected whilst I sank into this confused stupor of day to day life! It is going to be a positive step in the right direction and I hope to have the work in progress finished by September at the latest - I've found an open submission for a competition held by a magazine and it's a pretty exciting prospect! Better get on with it!

And in the cat world we attended a back to back show on Saturday in Godmanchester, with the Suffolk & Norfolk Show and the first GCCF World Championship Show. I decided to take Aggy this time as her sister really doesn't enjoy the showing experience and I'm proud to say that she won her 3rd and crowning CC becoming a Champion in the GCCF World Champ Show! She beat some tough competition, coming 1st of 3 in one breed class, 3rd of 3 in the other breed class and winning 3 of her 4 side classes! We celebrated with champagne whilst watching Eurovision and Aggy enjoyed a special meal with tuna for her dinner :-) So some good news to cheer us all up!

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