Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tweets & Blogging

I have really grown to enjoy using twitter to keep up with the world of books; reading author success stories, new releases and exciting news from debut authors. I love it!
I find it quite daunting how quickly news can spread and events can change, and whilst twitter can sometimes be a little too hectic or instantaneous it's also highly addictive and a great source of new reads.

Happily new reads also includes blogs as well as books. I have a long list of blogs I follow and yesterday that number grew by one more all thanks to twitter :)
The blog in question is the wonderfully named Through The Gateway; From The Writer's Nest by Emma Adams and there I found interesting reviews, Ready.Set.Write more of which can be found here: Ready.Set.Write and Whats Up Wednesday posts.
R.S.W is something I'd not heard of so after a little more reading turns out it's a network of writers that can motivate and encourage each other through setting goals for their work!
Awesomesauce :) Think NaNoWriMo in the summer with a tighter group of blog links and people but also without the added stress of "winning". Sometimes any amount of writing makes it a win in my book.
I'd love to be able to participate in this *places thinking cap firmly on head* just got to dig out the wip from the back of beyond in my laptop and look over it with fresh eyes. Three weeks behind, but there's nothing like a challenge to get motivated!

The Whats Up Wednesday posts really caught my imagination. Having seen something similar on a work related blog I realised I loved reading smaller snippets of the journey that other people are on, how they tackle problems, what their goals are...I'd like to contribute to that, it might also help to keep me on track and moving forward with my goals, whether that's in writing or life in general. It acts like a mini online diary, which was the aim of this blog originally but looking back it seems more like a dumping ground of any emotional baggage I had at the time >.> Time to pull my socks up and really get creative again.

So yeah, go check it out, link above :) I'm always on the lookout for new blogs - twitter here I come!

Also, a little bit of good news to follow in my next post...coming right up!

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  1. Ready.Set.Write and Whats Up Wednesday posts are really neat memes and a good way to keep up with goals. :)