Tuesday, 9 April 2013

She's just a girl...

Everybody...'Aaand she's on fyrrrrr!' haha not exactly hotter than your fantasies but I was on fire during my high intensity work out today! After 4 days of rest and recuperation it felt good just to eat what I felt like over a relaxing weekend with my boyfriend and his family, but I don't like to sit still for too long so I decided to go for the burn today and did I burn?! Ouch is the answer to that. I did half an hour of high intensity circuit training which incorporates strength, cardio and abs which always leaves me pretty red in the face but I really feel the benefits of it through the day. That was followed up by a link to an even more intense workout for 10 minutes which was mostly strength and cardio combined and I think I will be paying for it tomorrow but it's all in the name of fitness for life! My next challenge is to get my mum involved but she is being very stubborn about it, claiming that age has got the better of her and that the weight is "stuck"...it's mind set more than anything and it is a big factor in getting fit and being healthy. On the plus side she has taken more of an interest in the dietary side of things and has even suggested healthier options :) I'm getting there, I think!

I had to cut this post short yesterday so it is continued here!
In light of the passing of Baroness Thatcher I think it would only be fitting to spend a little time thinking about the role she played during a rather turbulent peace time in the UK. I am hardly qualified to comment on the Thatcher government policies as I was born a year after the government ended, yet I have heard a vast range of opinions on the Iron Lady and how one group said she turned this country around and one thinks she ran it into the ground and turned it into a commercialised money grabbing mess.
Well I am impartial and choose to remember her as a strong and brave woman in a time of strikes, power cuts, and the 3 day working week - I can imagine that aspect would be rather more popular these days! - in a political world that had been ruled by men since parliament was formed however many years ago and really belonged to the old boys club, it must have taken a lot of courage to stand up and bring about change in the face of stubborn opposition.
How my generation can bemoan this woman is beyond me, they were not affected by the policies or life and therefore should perhaps consider what they mean and whose opinions they are broadcasting before wishing her to hell in a handbasket - my facebook newsfeed has been inundated with such comments and I think it is more than disrespectful.
Then there are those old boys who claim that Thatcher was to blame for everything that could and did go wrong with this country and that we are her legacy of unemployment, lack of manufacturing and production.
It's so easy to blame one person for all of our current problems, especially since she is no longer present to hear these complaints and protests. Have some decency and respect; Margaret Thatcher acted as she deemed fit and I don't believe it is right to attack a person when the policies were enforced by a government, a group of people making the best of what they had to work with and taking on a country in turmoil from previous PMs and their own cabinets.
That said, I hope she has found peace and may she be remembered as a controversial but essentially brave and strong person...not to mention the first woman to be elected Prime Minister. Girl Power!

Rant over, I promise ;-)
Back to today, and I am ready for another workout having just demolished half an easter egg with coffee, yum! I may well put pen to paper this afternoon and get some more ideas down or type up vast pages of scenes that are looking rather forlorn on my desk. Time to stop neglecting it me thinks.
I found an interesting and fun article yesterday about language and how meanings can be changed over time, little bit off topic but it's in keeping with the writing theme...

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