Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's been a little while since I was last here, busy few days with a surprise 80th birthday celebration with long lost family one evening, followed by a lovely Easter Sunday meal. It was good just  to sit down with everyone for a gorgeous home cooked dinner and relax! Not forgetting a few chocolate treats on the side but it's probably best not to mention those...

In other news my circuit training has continued successfully all in the name of getting lean, toned and fit enough to complete Race For Life, provided I can get my mum to join in but that's a work in progress.

The kittens are 3 weeks old today, both have opened their eyes and ears to the world, welcome to the planet little ones! They are getting bolder and wanting to explore a bit more, Jeanie isn't too worried about their inquisitive nature which is good as we've had mum's in the past who can't understand why their kittens want to waddle around the nest and occasionally out of it! But she is doing a fantastic job with her babies and they even have a visitor in a few weeks time as a potential new slave *ahem* owner :)

On the writing front I've managed to re-plot a lot of the early part of the work in progress, it's a little more adventurous with added verve, definitely needed it! Once again though it is the characters who dictate where and how they get to these points and I'm learning slowly how to listen to them and block out the noise of everyday life, but I think that is something that writers are always learning how to do. Just to stop, take a step back from the daily grind, make a cup of tea or something stronger(!) and just think for a while...interesting things can happen, especially between 10 and 1 am which I find is the best time for me when I can keep my eyes open long enough.

New piccies of the Bengal babies sooooon!

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