Monday, 25 March 2013


Having a struggle on my hands today to get words down, or rather the right words!
Did an intense double session of circuit workout today and I think I needed it after being a bit sluggish for the past few days followed by a brisk walk for a bit of shopping...verrry cold but it cleared the cobwebs out!
It seemed to do the trick and got me thinking about the plot of my work in progress and I even came up with a new scene! Whether or not I can work it in to fit the story is another matter but I've written up a fair amount this evening. I also managed to reconstruct some of the plot outline, shakes the story up a little bit which will do it good I think :-)
That is when the problems seem to crop up. I get some decent ideas, get excited about them but when it comes to expanding and actually writing it down I come unstuck. Distractions, whether it be the tv or the internet or general household noise can play havoc on the muse! Hence why I prefer writing during the evening from about 10 til 1 when everyone is asleep, including the 9(!) dogs, which is great for writing but not for getting up early for work >.< Still, I must press on or it will never be finished.
End.Of.The.Year is my goal to get at least the first draft done...bit more discipline required me thinks!

P.s a lovely surprise this morning - Jeanie has a one-eyed bandit, her little girl has one eye open! They are two weeks old on Wednesday, still doing really well and growing every day...more piccies tomorrow hopefully :-)

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