Wednesday, 20 March 2013

First things first...

So I thought it was about time I kept track of my writing habits by blogging them, with the vain hope that it might be an incentive for me to keep writing if I think that someone out there may be, possibly/hopefully, reading this. I have stopped and started with a work in progress for a while now, despite having taken part in NaNoWriMo last November with success - I got the 50k words first time around to my great surprise - and now I aim to finish it and get it polished up. After that, well who knows? I'm not looking too far ahead just yet, it will be an achievement in itself to get it finished!

But there are a few other things I will post about, including herding my many Bengal cats, as well as some fundraising I plan to get underway very soon with an upcoming Race For Life event which my mum is soooo going to do with me :-) well that's the plan at least! It will be the first time running or rather walking it for both of us so our fitness or training programme will be tracked here as well, time will tell if there is much to say on the topic of training hehe

And ending on a very sweet note, my Bengal girl Jeanie had two kittens on 13/03/2013 and they are a week old today :-) Growing very quickly, going to be big kitties! More on them soon but here is a pic of mummy and babies just a few hours old :-)

But for now, onwards and forwards with the adventure that is writing, wondering where it's going to take me...

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