Saturday, 23 March 2013


Have Faith.
Not in some great, omnipresent, invisible personage peering down at us tiny, flawed little people but in quite simply yourself.
I have had a lack of faith in myself for years, always second guessing, doubting, pulling myself down - this may well continue past my little revelation this evening - but my wonderful boyfriend has slowly but surely turned my view point around.
Little by little I acknowledged that I have some sort of value to the people that surround me; my friends and family. And now I am believing in myself, perhaps I can turn this view point onto the written word and actually believe in my writing. There is always an element of doubt, it's part of life I think, but take the risk. Everything is a risk, but it should be enjoyed, and at the risk of being completely cliched....
And have faith.
And so can you, whether it be writing, a new job, house is within us to succeed if we really want something enough. Hard work, determination, time; key ingredients to reaching our goals so mix them all together and see where it takes you :-)

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