Thursday, 29 May 2014

The cat takes a flying leap out of the bag!

What is this about flying cats leaping from bags, I hear you cry!
Well I shall tell all...

Oh goodness me, this post was started and some how abandoned two days after the events unfolded so I'm looking back on a month which was a time of high and low points between myself and the family.

On March 31st my dad asked me, out of the blue, whether my boyfriend of 3 years (in October!) had mentioned getting engaged. I was stunned as in my head our serious future was still set in the future a couple of years down the line after teacher training and the NQT year. My dad is a joker so I didn't take him too seriously at the time and realised that of course the next day was April Fools so perhaps he was playing a cruel joke? He didn't laugh along with me but I brushed off the suspicions even after my boyfriend started to drop hints about a surprise for my 23rd birthday on Easter Sunday! I didn't bring it up in conversation as the whole year we had been saving up and I had wanted to get away for a holiday but it was still clear we couldn't really afford to do anything.

I guessed we might be going somewhere for my birthday which would make a lovely treat, and hoped it would be somewhere historical. On the journey there, Chris played a CD and said it was for turned out that he had written and recorded four original tracks about us which had me in tears (happy ones!) and a selection of tracks that were special to us. We eventually arrived at our favourite place, Hampton Court Palace(!) where he gave me a present; a book but I was under strict orders not to open it yet and that we would read it together as we walked through the palace taking photos all the way :-)

We set off and at strategic points that Chris had carefully planned out, he asked me to read from the book which was in fact a collection of poems he had written that were based around our first meeting, the days we spent walking in lavender fields, to visiting the Harry Potter studios and through to graduation day. The last couple of poems were a little mysterious which he told me was all part of the master plan! He could see I was confused, but by this point we had made our way into the gardens, past crowds gathering to see a parade for the Georgians, and to a bridge across one of the ornamental ponds. Looking through the wrought iron gate we could see deer grazing in the park beyond, and behind us was the majesty of the palace. Finally he asked me to read out the final poem which he repeated after me and then one of the best questions I have ever heard in my life...Would I marry him?

My.heart.stopped. Then I remembered to breath and 'yes!' was rushed out and we were stood grinning like a couple of crazy happy people! It was then he explained that we would also be going to the jewellers to choose a ring that afternoon and that he had been saving hard all year I had a little cry at this news, everything made sense at last!

His family and my in-laws-to-be hehe are very happy for us, mine are getting used to the idea which I suppose was only to be expected being the eldest daughter and all but we have gotten over the rocky part with them and now we are both looking on to the future and making some plans for the months and years to come, a long engagement it will be but that's what plans are for! :-)

My sister said, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday and Congratulations after she saw me at the end of Easter weekend - we were and are euphoric about our relationship, where it is going and what is to come :-)
Best.Birthday.Ever! Best.Fiance.Ever and I love saying fiancé!

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